New member information

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New member information

To make sure you are going to love being part of our club we invite you to come along to three training sessions without the need to pay a membership fee. Once you have attended these training sessions and are ready to join we will help you with the joining process: it’s really simple and can be done online. You will also benefit from a reduced fee in your first year. So for £55 (for an adult) you can attend weekly training sessions free of charge between late August and March (that’s about 30 training sessions – so not a bad price of £1.84 per week to keep fit and have fun!). We hope you will love hockey and Felixstowe Hockey Club as much as we do!

Matches: Our matches take place on a Saturday either at home on the astro pitch at Maidstone Campus, or away. Our teams play at a range of levels so even if you’re new, we can fit you into a team. We pay match subs on the day, you’ll be provided with a playing shirt, and on home games players take turns to cook match teas (drinks and light snacks).

Kit: You don’t need a lot to start off with. A hockey stick (we can lend you one until you start playing in matches), shin pads, mouth guard, trainers (astro shoes if you decide to keep going) and either a skort or shorts. We have a club shop where you can buy branded training clothing should you wish to.

Still interested: Come along to training on one of the nights above and introduce yourself and we’ll give you a very warm FHC welcome! So whether you’ve never played  before, attended the back to hockey sessions or just want to get fit and make friends or want to return to the game after not playing for years, you’re very welcome at FHC!

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Membership costs

You will be pleased to hear that this year we are freezing our club membership prices.

Cost varies depending on how old you are, whether you work full time, are a student, are unemployed, want to pay membership in full or in monthly installments, but there is a reduced rate for all new members.

Annual payment options, if paid by 31 October 2017:

  • 2017/18 Annual Junior under 14 Membership £30
    • (£35 after 31.10.17)
  • 2017/18 Annual Junior 14+ Membership £40
    • (£45 after 31.10.17)
  • 2017/18 Annual Membership £80
    • (£100 after 31.10.17)
  • 2017/18 Annual Membership new members £55
    • (£60 after 31.10.17)
  • 2017/18 Annual Membership, full time student or unemployed £35
    • (£40 after 31.10.17)
  • 2017/18 Social Membership £15
    • (£20 after 31.10.17)

Monthly payment options:

For the adult 2017/18 membership, if you wish to pay your membership monthly the fee is £7 per month (total annual payment £84)


If you would like to find out about our brand new lifetime membership package then please contact our Membership Secretary for more information.



Our youth section trains on a Saturday morning from 9.00 to 11 AM September 2017 and April 2018 (exact dates TBC)

Our  ladies’ teams train on Tuesday nights  from 7.00 to 8.15 PM from 15 August 2017 to March 2018 (exact end date TBC)

Our men’s 1st and 2nd teams train on Tuesday nights from 8.30 until 10.00 PM from 15 August 2017 and March 2018 (exact end date TBC)

Our men’s 3rd and 4th teams train on Wednesday nights from 8.00 until 9.30 PM from 16 August 2017 and March 2018 (exact end date TBC)