Results from recent club survey

Chairman’s observations on club member survey – February 2019
“Thank you so much to everyone who took our survey – a significant majority did and
shows the passion that exists within Felixstowe Hockey Club.
Your answers are vital in ensuring that club management understand our members
and how to make our club the best it can be. We really appreciate your honest
feedback and will look to make some changes across the club to reflect your wishes.
Quick wins will be asking our Men’s and Ladies coaches to make training routines
more game-like, and to improve communication and the possibility of more regular
feedback, Chairman’s Chat in the bar between 5pm-6pm on a Saturday has been
running for 3 weeks. I have been hugely encouraged by the number of senior
players, junior players and parents who have taken advantage of this to come and
have a chat about all manner of issues and suggestions.
Please do not see this survey or Chairman’s Chat as the only opportunities to
provide feedback. If you have any interesting insights please do share them, if not
with myself then approach your captain or your club captain – we’d love to hear from
members much more often.
The following is a summary of the key findings of the survey, which we will be
considering in terms of other changes needed within the club.”
Thanks all,

Chairman – FHC


1. Ladies Section
o Very mixed reasons for attendance at training, but strong bias towards social driver for
attending (seeing friends / de-stressing rather than to improve)
o Much prefer game/real life scenarios at training as opposed to skills, but 77% at least
generally happy
o 73% committed to playing as often as they can (only 13% not committed to training)
o 7 ladies willing to volunteer on committee – needs following up – please come forward!
o Over half have a problem with long distance travel for games (due to time/commitments)
o Only 10% don’t know how to raise an issue – very positive sign – if you have an issue
please speak to your captain or club captain as a first port of call
o Positive result (80%) on impressions of how the club is run (ok to excellent)
o 85% still enjoying hockey, but is reducing for some (losing regularly and being forced to
play higher standard)
o 76% will make an effort to attend 1 or more socials, but not presently sufficient ‘lure to
attend more regularly’
 Training is important to you for social reasons – we want to look to create an opportunity to
chat/drink afterwards in the club
 Coaching must focus on more game playing which we will look to implement with the
ladies coaches
 Can’t ignore distance issue. Restructuring of the leagues may resolve, but if not, serious
consideration to be given to making a forced change next season.
 Need to understand what type of social would make ladies want to attend. Ladies
Club/Team captains to canvass and feedback to social secretary


2. Men’s Section

o Major issue with training – many simply don’t enjoy it. While feedback says attendance is
not for social reasons, having the bar available could encourage attendance
o As with ladies, a lot of people have ‘other commitments’ and when enjoyment is low,
hockey will lose out. We MUST restore the ‘fun’ element (winning and social environment
after games)
o Evidence is that 88% ‘say’ they are committed, but reality proves otherwise = if I was
enjoying it more, I would be more committed
o Ditto for travelling – 90% say they would if they could.
o 11 people (34%) don’t think the club is run well. Probably many reasons – not just the
o Stronger non-social dynamic for attendance at training – more do want to improve than
 Enjoyment is fundamental – not necessarily striving to achieve promotion/advancement all
the time
 Winning is a foundation
 Training must be enjoyable – game scenarios/socialising afterwards
 Incentivising training attendance and playing away
 Encourage more ‘skipper chat time’
 Need more chance to engage with running of the club – ‘Chairman’s chat time’ – Sat
afternoon at the club has now been introduced to improve communication and feedback
 Need more regular publicity on players/members (results, scorers, birthdays/other events)
– Weekly Chairman’s Corner on FB – this will commence soon. Club member of the week
also in the pipeline
 Better social dynamic
 Player etiquette – must stay until opposition leave.
 Social evenings – Club/team captains to canvass ideas

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