Code of conduct

As a member of FELIXSTOWE HOCKEY CLUB, I understand and agree to the following:
On payment of my subscription I will be a member of FELIXSTOWE HOCKEY CLUB and will have full access to all club facilities as well as the social activities of the club.


  • Non-payment of membership subscription and match fees will lead to me being prevented from
  • Match fee reductions are only available for unemployed and student memberships. There is no
    match fee reduction for those that work part time.
  • I will pay half match fees for any game where I play 35 minutes or less. I will pay full match fees
    when I play more than 35 minutes.
  • If I require any financial assistance with my subscription or match fees this must be agreed in
    writing with the membership secretary prior to the beginning of the season.
  • Any grievances relating to the above should be passed in writing to the membership secretary.


  • I will arrive for training prepared to play and fully utilise the facilities that the club provide me.
  • I will respect the coaching team and support them by applying myself in all drills.
  • I will not disrupt other club members and understand that if I do not adhere to the above points I
    may be asked to leave training.


  • I understand that I am an ambassador for FELIXSTOWE HOCKEY CLUB whilst I represent them on the pitch, after matches, at training and at social events.
  • By being an ambassador I will behave respectfully at all times. I understand that aggressive
    behaviour, foul language, anti-social behaviour and discrimination are unacceptable and may lead
    to disciplinary action.
  • If I have an issue that bothers me I will use the clubs grievance procedure as detailed in our
    constitution found on the clubs website.
  • I will not use social networking sites to undermine any single club member or the club itself. I
    understand that this can be classed as libel and may lead to legal action against either myself or the
    club. Any actions contrary to this will lead to disciplinary procedures.
  • If for any reason I am unable to play due to injury or illness I will inform my captain promptly.
  •  If there are any other reasons that I am unable to play then I will inform my captain as soon as I
  • can. I understand that not doing this may lead to disciplinary action.
  • I understand that the club provides liability insurance but does not cover me in the event of an
    accident. I am at liberty to organize my own accident cover if I wish to do so.


  • I understand that the clubhouse is for members only and if I bring any persons with me they are my responsibility.
  • I understand that guests are welcome but must pay a fee of £2 to enter the club after 6pm and be
    signed in by a member.
  • I will respect the policies of the bar with respect to the license.
  • I understand that only alcohol purchased on the premises may be consumed on it.


  • I understand that equipment provided by the club must be returned to the club. I will not take
    equipment provided by the club and understand that by doing so I may be disciplined.
  • I realise that I am responsible for any damage by myself to club equipment and may be requested
    to replace or repair damaged items.
  • I understand that a percentage of my subscription could be used to replace stolen or damaged